DekayOne from Windia is a scammer!   5 comments

About 10 months ago I asked him to do the NX trade for 10kNX. He offered me 450mil, which was the fair ratio. So I PMed him on BasilMarket, DekayOne, and we buddied each other to do the trade.

The IGN he went on is “EatThisBowXD”. Finally we both went online and I gifted him a few Evan Mastery Cash Shop Books, Smegas and Gachapon Tickets all adding up to 10kNX. The Mastery Book were gifted to his evan called “iTamedMir” (can’t remember the IGN fully).

Then he went back to his main to get the rest of the items. He kept on saying “I’ll give you all the money at once”. The next thing that happened was he ran away and deleted me from buddy list. He told me to check the Delivery Package guy but it doesn’t do anything. So the next thing I did was whisper him. He said “relog and check again”. Then I did it but I tried to whisper him and it said “EatThisBowXD has currently disabled whispers”. So he got away with the NX.

Now I went back to BasilMarket to PM him back and ignores my PM. The next day I posted this on BasilMarket with the image showing that he scammed me. I didn’t record the video but I did post the white PM rectangle which showed that he read the PM but ignored it, therefore considering that a scam. BasilMarket later deleted that thread and suspended me.

A few days later, I went back and he PMed me saying that he will pay me back the 450mil if I paid him more NX since he claims that it’s his way of getting back mesos. I said “If you give me back the mesos you owe me, I will forgive you and do more NX trades”. So he said you’ll have to wait. I waited a few days then PMed him back on BasilMarket asking “Did you get the 450mil yet?”. Then he ignored it.

1 month later I PM him again and there was neither a reply nor a read PM, which showed the yellow rectangle. I later on forgot about this and decided to move on with life perhaps. It didn’t work for me however. I was so poor that I couldn’t even afford to get as high of a range as my friend.

Then when December arrived I finally saw DekayOne come back online to post a random thread about some sort of issues. I PMed him about owning me 450mil but he said “I DON’T KNOW YOU AT ALL!”. I told him about what happened 8 months ago and he said “I DON’T REMEMBER!”. Then I showed him the proof of him ignoring the old PM and he starts to never reply again. Then I took a new screenshot about the new ignoring PM. I even asked him whether he saw the screenshot or not and still didn’t reply. I decided to take the screenshot of him ignoring it.

Now I send it over to a mod on Basil and she/he decided to address this by talking to Mr. Basil personally. I waited 3 weeks and finally got a reply saying “Based on DekayOne’s feedback he is positive”. So instead of taking action, they closed this ticket. So now I decided to post it here instead.

Also, watch out for “VintageToke”, his new character in Bera.

First time he ignores the PM

Tells me to post the SS

After I showed him my old screenshot, he never replied from that day on.

DekayOne’s BasilMarket ID

Bera Listing (Photo just in case he deletes it)

Bera listing (Link)

2012 in review   Leave a comment

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 9 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Happy New years people!   2 comments

2012 has come to a close and I would like to start a fresh new year adding newer scammers.


Please spread the word!


2012 Report

ibn211 has made an appeal! Like this post if you agree that he is not a scammer!   4 comments

There is claim that the screenshot looks fake. However, chat box may not be fake. Another claim is that the NX code was invalid.

Anyone with more information is asked to please report it here by submitting a ticket or posting here.

Please spread the word!   Leave a comment

Over 44 countries have seen this website. Lets continue to fight scammers!!!! Thank-you all so far for sharing your proof. You can help by telling more and more people about this website. Your friends, guildies, or anybody you see that plays Maplestory.

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This website has been banned on BasilMarket   1 comment

I’m sorry to tell you this but this website has officially been banned from BasilMarket property and will not be allowed to return.

I tried talking to a mod about this and it took over 1 week of negotiating between the mods and they have disagreed and have continued to ban this website on BasilMarket.


However the good news is that this is still allowed on other Maplestory websites besides this.

So please still continue and spread the word with your friends
but just don’t post it on BasilMarket.

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Evidence is mandatory!   2 comments

From now on, you must include evidence (screenshot or video) if you want to post a scammer! I will not be accpeting anymore new scammers unless evidence is provided. We had to make this update because of the number of complaints about people being legit.

Vouches/Witnesses DO NOT count!!!!!
For those who were already on this list, you will be removed until somebody posts evidence that you are a scammer.

This site was off limits in BasilMarket

Last thread I made before I got banned from BasilMarket

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Welcome to the List of Maplestory Scammers website   Leave a comment

What is this website about?

This is a non-profit site that lists Maplestory NX scammers. This site was made because people don’t seem to be taking scammers seriously and BasilMarket, Nexon Forums, etc are not allowing people to complain about them. Therefore this needs to be taken seriously and you as a victim of a scam can try and contribute by posting a scammer (go to contact section). You must read the rules before you post a scammer!

What to do when attempting NX-related trades?

1. Follow the guidelines in FAQ section (ie. Check the list of scammers)

2. Ask the person if you want to make NX trades. If they want you to go first, proceed to next steps.

3. Start using a recording device (ie. CamStudio) and hit the RECORD button and select the Maplestory screen to crop. This is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

4. Gift them NX or mesos/items. Wait a few minutes. If they pay you the amount they owe you, hit the STOP button on the program and don’t save. If they scam you or do disappear, hit the SAVE and SAVE button. 

5. Print a screenshot of your chat box. Press the “PrintScr” key, which is located on the right of “F12” or somewhere on the upper right side of a keyboard.

6. Paste it on a Paint program (I’m sure most of you have it). Then save it.

7. Upload it on image sites (ie, TinyPic , Imgur , ImageShack)

8. Copy the URL and paste it somewhere where you keep your notes or something.

9. Upload the video on YouTube (you will need a Youtube channel)

10. Go to the Contact section and fill out the form (include the evidence you took as well).

11. I will check almost everyday. If not then just PM me on BasilMarket or other sites.

Notes: CamStudio is a very simple program to use for recording. It only requires a little bit of knowledge to use that program. Taking screenshots is very simple and quick.

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