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Welcome to the List of Maplestory Scammers website   Leave a comment

What is this website about?

This is a non-profit site that lists Maplestory NX scammers. This site was made because people don’t seem to be taking scammers seriously and BasilMarket, Nexon Forums, etc are not allowing people to complain about them. Therefore this needs to be taken seriously and you as a victim of a scam can try and contribute by posting a scammer (go to contact section). You must read the rules before you post a scammer!

What to do when attempting NX-related trades?

1. Follow the guidelines in FAQ section (ie. Check the list of scammers)

2. Ask the person if you want to make NX trades. If they want you to go first, proceed to next steps.

3. Start using a recording device (ie. CamStudio) and hit the RECORD button and select the Maplestory screen to crop. This is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

4. Gift them NX or mesos/items. Wait a few minutes. If they pay you the amount they owe you, hit the STOP button on the program and don’t save. If they scam you or do disappear, hit the SAVE and SAVE button. 

5. Print a screenshot of your chat box. Press the “PrintScr” key, which is located on the right of “F12” or somewhere on the upper right side of a keyboard.

6. Paste it on a Paint program (I’m sure most of you have it). Then save it.

7. Upload it on image sites (ie, TinyPic , Imgur , ImageShack)

8. Copy the URL and paste it somewhere where you keep your notes or something.

9. Upload the video on YouTube (you will need a Youtube channel)

10. Go to the Contact section and fill out the form (include the evidence you took as well).

11. I will check almost everyday. If not then just PM me on BasilMarket or other sites.

Notes: CamStudio is a very simple program to use for recording. It only requires a little bit of knowledge to use that program. Taking screenshots is very simple and quick.


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