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Please spread the word!   Leave a comment

Over 44 countries have seen this website. Lets continue to fight scammers!!!! Thank-you all so far for sharing your proof. You can help by telling more and more people about this website. Your friends, guildies, or anybody you see that plays Maplestory.


Posted November 30, 2012 by goldenheracross in Uncategorized

This website has been banned on BasilMarket   1 comment

I’m sorry to tell you this but this website has officially been banned from BasilMarket property and will not be allowed to return.

I tried talking to a mod about this and it took over 1 week of negotiating between the mods and they have disagreed and have continued to ban this website on BasilMarket.


However the good news is that this is still allowed on other Maplestory websites besides this.

So please still continue and spread the word with your friends
but just don’t post it on BasilMarket.

Posted November 8, 2012 by goldenheracross in Uncategorized